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When you’re looking for a construction contractor, we want you to know we’re here. Audette Builders‘s team is made up of a group of professionals who are passionate and driven. The team takes pride in every project we take on, whether it’s commercial or residential, big or small. The company is located in the Thompson, CT area.

Our Construction Company Services

Commercial New Construction

Commercial New Construction

When you need commercial new construction services, you want to know that the people you trust to build your business will be there for the long haul. When it comes to commercial new construction and renovation, it is more than just putting up walls or laying down floors. It's about creating an environment that inspires your employees and customers. We ensure that every part of your new space has been thoughtfully considered to meet your needs. As a result, we are one of the top commercial construction companies in the area.


Our additions service is designed to make your house feel like a home. We know you want more than just the addition of a room - you want it to be perfect. The construction service company team can help you with that. Whether you're looking for a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, or even some new paint in the living room, we'll ensure your space is functional and beautiful. And if you need some extra storage space? That's where we come in! We create an addition that fits seamlessly into your existing structure, adding value without detracting from its characteristics.


We believe in making every remodeling job a home improvement project. We know your home's importance to you, and we want to help it reflect your personality. That's why we've created our company: to give you the products, services, and knowledge you need to create the perfect space for yourself and your family. We specialize in everything from kitchen remodels to bathroom upgrades - and everything in between! We'll help you figure out which projects are most important to you first. And then we'll get started on them right away!


Roofing is an essential part of any construction project. It protects your home from the elements and gives it that special touch that makes it look like you. We are here to help you with your roofing needs. We have a wide range of services we can provide you, and all at a great price! We take great pride in our work and are here to help you get the most out of your roof. Our team of roofers has experience, and they are all trained to handle any issue with your roof. 

Audette Builders
Address: 4 Jason Heights, Thompson, CT 06277
Phone: (860) 374-0080

Benefits of our general construction contractors’ services:

We understand that every job is different, so we offer various construction services to meet your needs. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, so we only work with clients looking for quality work at a reasonable price. We use only the highest quality materials, employ the most skilled craftsmen, and provide a level of customer service that’s second to none.

How is the work done?

Our process begins with a consultation. Then, we will sit down with you, your team, and your project manager to discuss what you want to accomplish and how we can help. Next, we’ll develop a plan for bringing your vision from concept to completion. We will take into account all of the factors involved in creating your project – from budgeting to scheduling and make sure that every aspect fits seamlessly together. Once we’ve established our plan, it’s time for us to get started! Our team will work diligently on every detail so that nothing falls through the cracks during construction or repair work. As always, we’ll keep you updated on progress throughout the process.

Additional Areas

The Audette Builders services are available in these locations:

  • North Grosvenor Dale, CT;
  • Southbridge Town, MA;
  • Putnam, CT;
  • Dayville, CT;
  • Burrillville Town, RI;

If you want to know more, contact us at (860) 374-0080 in Thompson, CT.

by Luther Santiago on Audette Builders
Happy Customer!

The construction company provides quality service at a reasonable price. I used them to fix my roof, and they did it quickly and efficiently. They were on time, and friendly, and made sure that everything was done to my satisfaction.

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